Use PicMonkey and Canva Together to Make Amazing Graphics!

Picmonkey and Canva Graphics

If you’re looking for an easy and {mostly} free way to make graphics and edit photos, Canva and PicMonkey are the two websites you need to bookmark right now. They are both fantastic for all sorts of online and paper projects, not to mention web design elements. Today, I’m going to go through some of […]

How to Get Facebook to Pull the Correct Image for Your Blog

When Facebook won't pull the correct

I’ve written about this issue before, but since it’s continually showing up in my inbox, I figured I’d dedicate a whole post to this very annoying problem. Whether you are manually copying and pasting a link to Facebook, or you are using share buttons, sometimes Facebook pulls a random image that is NOT the one […]

How to Get More Followers on Social Media

How to Get More Followers on Social

Without a doubt, the most effective way to increase your following on social is to find and follow people in your niche. This has a two-fold goal: It helps you keep a pulse on what other people in your niche are sharing, and it invites them to follow back. Commenting, engagement, and sharing relevant content are […]

How To Get People To Eat Up Your Blog Posts

square graphic

When you slave over a piece of writing, you want people to read it right? Imagine you’re preparing a steak dinner –  it’s going to be much harder to eat it if you plunk down a giant roast at a table and hand all your guests a spoon, no matter how delicious. But if you slice […]

How to Setup Google Ads on Your Blog


As part of the blog series “Making Money on Your Blog” for beginners, today I’m going to walk through how to set up Google Adsense on your site. There are other companies besides Google AdSense that you can use. BlogHer, Sovrn, Gourmet Ads, Q1Media are just a few that work similarly to AdSense. The basic setup […]

How to Begin Making Money with Your Blog

Never Worry about a Plugin Updateor (2)

With a title like that, I should prepare you for a very long post ahead! But I want to break it down so the blog to business jump doesn’t seem so overwhelming. This post is primarily for bloggers who are not making any money yet. Zilch. Zero. Zadda. And you are overwhelmed at the process […]

Differences between and (and the relationship too!)

Everything you need to know

Despite having written about this topic other times, it never fails — one of the most confusing aspects of WordPress is the relationship between and People think they are the same, and don’t realize that once you have a blog, you still can have a relationship with So today’s post is […]

Blogger Blogs are now Censored | Why it’s Time to Go to WordPress

Adding custom social follow buttons to

Regardless of your stance on Internet censorship, the recent news that Google will ban any Blogger blog containing sexually explicit photos or videos reminds us all that blogs hosted on free platforms like Blogger and are not really ours. At any point, either one of these companies can ban, censor, take down, or eliminate […]

How to Increase Social Sharing of Your Blog Posts

Online Tools (3)

As a blogger, there are two primary ways to get traffic to your blog — Google search engines and social engagement. With SEO traffic, you are working to outshine other blog content so that Google will push your post up to the first page of search results. Social sharing is a bit more fickle, but can […]

The Most Epic MailChimp Tutorial Ever!

The Most Epic MailChimp Tutorial EVER!

If you’re a blogger, you know that with the start of 2015 comes the unfortunate reality that Facebook will be showing your posts to no one unless you pay. As experts like Neil Patel and others have reiterated over and over, email subscribers are the best and most efficient way to get and keep readers. […]

Get Your Blog Ready for the New Year

Get Your Blog Ready

The end of the year is a great time to do some blog housekeeping before the new year begins! Here’s what’s on my to-do list over the holiday break. Delete posts that are just…bad Maybe you wrote them the first day you started your blog and they suck. Or they are no longer applicable. Whatever the […]