Differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org (and the relationship too!)

Everything you need to know

Despite having written about this topic other times, it never fails — one of the most confusing aspects of WordPress is the relationship between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. People think they are the same, and don’t realize that once you have a WordPress.org blog, you still can have a relationship with WordPress.com. So today’s post is […]

Blogger Blogs are now Censored | Why it’s Time to Go to WordPress

Adding custom social follow buttons to

Regardless of your stance on Internet censorship, the recent news that Google will ban any Blogger blog containing sexually explicit photos or videos reminds us all that blogs hosted on free platforms like Blogger and WordPress.com are not really ours. At any point, either one of these companies can ban, censor, take down, or eliminate […]

How to Customize Your Menu Bar in WordPress {for .com or .org}


A menu bar {sometimes called primary navigation} is the most important organizational tool on your website. It is a static bar that usually appears on every page, providing hierarchal links to each page on your site. With WordPress, most themes just automatically stick every page you’ve created along the menu bar, but there are lots […]

10 Ways To Brown Nose Before You Submit A Guest Post


Today’s guest post is from Beyond Your Blog! Susan Maccarelli is the creator of Beyond Your Blog, a resource site focused on helping bloggers submit their writing to websites and anthologies seeking contributors.  Beyond Your Blog offers tips and tricks for submitting writing as well as submission opportunities and a weekly podcast interview with an […]

How To Use Influencers To Gain Website Traffic

How to Use Influencers to Gain Website Traffic

The following post is a guest feature by Carrie-Anne Foster – author of Social Media Made Easy. She writes about getting influencers in your niche to pay attention to you — and just maybe, share your content with their followers! You are most likely familiar with the phrase, “Content Is King”. Which, for the most […]

How to Customize Your BlockQuote Style on WordPress


Today’s blog post will be a hands on tutorial for customizing your blockquote style. Since the instructions are slightly different depending on your theme, I will use the industry standard – Genesis. If you aren’t running Genesis, you’ll need to locate your custom CSS area and then follow along. Genesis users can simply modify the […]