Happy Holidays from Fabulous Blogging!


I’m in the process of overhauling my #SocialMediaBootcamp to turn it into an e-book! This is very exciting, but in the meantime, I wanted to offer the existing version to all my faithful and loyal followers. Thank you for reading, subscribing, sharing, and spreading the word about my blog and my design services. From now until […]

How to Customize Your Menu Bar in WordPress {for .com or .org}


A menu bar {sometimes called primary navigation} is the most important organizational tool on your website. It is a static bar that usually appears on every page, providing hierarchal links to each page on your site. With WordPress, most themes just automatically stick every page you’ve created along the menu bar, but there are lots […]

10 Ways To Brown Nose Before You Submit A Guest Post


Today’s guest post is from Beyond Your Blog! Susan Maccarelli is the creator of Beyond Your Blog, a resource site focused on helping bloggers submit their writing to websites and anthologies seeking contributors.  Beyond Your Blog offers tips and tricks for submitting writing as well as submission opportunities and a weekly podcast interview with an […]

How to Customize Your BlockQuote Style on WordPress


Today’s blog post will be a hands on tutorial for customizing your blockquote style. Since the instructions are slightly different depending on your theme, I will use the industry standard – Genesis. If you aren’t running Genesis, you’ll need to locate your custom CSS area and then follow along. Genesis users can simply modify the […]

10 Ideas to Keep Your Blogging Groove When Life Gets Tough

10 Ideas to Keep Your Blogging Groove When Life Gets Tough

It’s been a while since I published a new post on Fabulous Blogging. I’ve been keeping up on my other blog, but with personal life getting in the way these days, it’s been difficult to find my creative mojo for WordPress, design, and blogging. So rather than pretend everything is easy, I’m going to face my […]

If you are running Jetpack on your self-hosted blog {or are on WordPress.com} you may have noticed in the latest updates, something called Portfolios. These handy little feature is brand new and allows you to have a separate blog within a blog! It’s designed for people who want to show off their portfolio of projects […]

Identifying the Design Elements on Your Website

Working with a Designer

You’ve hired a designer and are so excited to work with him/her. But then, you quickly realize – you two are speaking entirely different languages. I’ve run into this problem many times over email and on the phone, so I’ve put together a little video giving you the terms for all the most popular parts […]

WordPress Geek Bar Saturday 11:00am-12:15pm

BlogHer 14

I’m on my way to San Jose California this week to the annual BlogHer conference. This year, I’ll be teaching at a WordPress Geek Bar on Saturday morning. I hope you’ll come join me as I explore all the nooks and crannies of WordPress. The Geek Bar is designed for hands-on training, so bring your […]

My Blogging and Social Media To Do List

Social Media & Blogging

A list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks — broken down by platform. The following post is as much for my benefit as yours! It’s a no frills task list according to platform. It’s what I aspire to {and only accomplish in part} with my online business and presence. I’m sure it’ll be helpful to many of you as well!

Pitch Yourself | Submitting Your Blog Posts to Other Sites

Pitch Yourself: Submitting Your Blog Posts to Other Sites

At some point in your blogging career, you might realize that without a little networking and collaboration, your ability to gain new readers is limited. It’s a huge misconception that other bloggers in your niche are your competition. The opposite is in fact, true. There are countless testimonials of bloggers who were launched into the […]

8 Tips to Rejuvenate your Facebook Page


Many of us have spent a long time building up our Facebook business pages. Now that organic reach is {nearly} dead,  some people have abandoned their pages to look for audiences elsewhere. However, some of you may want to soldier on — learning the ins and outs of what it means to build a Facebook […]