WordPress Geek Bar Saturday 11:00am-12:15pm

BlogHer 14

I’m on my way to San Jose California this week to the annual BlogHer conference. This year, I’ll be teaching at a WordPress Geek Bar on Saturday morning. I hope you’ll come join me as I explore all the nooks and crannies of WordPress. The Geek Bar is designed for hands-on training, so bring your […]

My Blogging and Social Media To Do List

Social Media & Blogging

A list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks — broken down by platform. The following post is as much for my benefit as yours! It’s a no frills task list according to platform. It’s what I aspire to {and only accomplish in part} with my online business and presence. I’m sure it’ll be helpful to many of you as well!

Pitch Yourself | Submitting Your Blog Posts to Other Sites


At some point in your blogging career, you might realize that without a little networking and collaboration, your ability to gain new readers is limited. It’s a huge misconception that other bloggers in your niche are your competition. The opposite is in fact, true. There are countless testimonials of bloggers who were launched into the […]

8 Tips to Rejuvenate your Facebook Page


Many of us have spent a long time building up our Facebook business pages. Now that organic reach is {nearly} dead,  some people have abandoned their pages to look for audiences elsewhere. However, some of you may want to soldier on — learning the ins and outs of what it means to build a Facebook […]

22 Ideas to Help Your WordPress Website Look Customized and Professional

22 Ways

When you first install WordPress, it’s fairly bare bones. You are given a default theme, no plugins (or very few) and all the default settings for comments, timezone, favicon, etc. In order to make your blog or website stand out, here are 22 ways to customize your site to look like one of a kind. […]

Everything You Need to Know About Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Twitter Lists are the single most essential organizational tool for managing Twitter. Without them, you will be lost, disorganized, and unable to track the best tweeters in your niche. What is a list? A list is a group of tweeters that are centered around […]

Create a Button or Header That Changes When You Hover With Your Mouse

Creating Buttons and Headers that Change when Hovered Over via Fabulous Blogging

If you are a self-taught blogging DIYer, you might have seen these gorgeous headers and buttons with mouseover effects and you wonder, “How do they do that?” Today’s tutorial is going to teach you how! One disclaimer — I’m going to show you how to create a fully interactive header, but I’ll be giving instructions for […]

Social Media in a Pinch


Time is always in short supply. Be a blogger or a small business, some of the “expert” social media strategies take a long time…my own advice included. Unfortunately there are still some widely held beliefs that social media is simply a place to goof off, or it’s a quick and “easy out” solution for marketing […]

What to Do When Your Blog Isn’t Working


Have you ever had one of those dream sequences where you are forced to be naked at school/work/party? There is something so humiliating about looking “undone” in public– it’s a very normal and natural human fear. I think this is why some common blog problems can drain us so quickly. The site is live, there is […]

Blogging for Teens | A Guide for Parents

So your teen wants to blog...

The following post is a collaborative effort put together by myself and Jessica Smock. For those of you who don’t know her, Jessica Smock is a former educator and researcher who earned her doctorate in educational policy last spring. At her blog School of Smock she writes about parenting and education. She was a co-editor of the recent […]