Survival Of The….?

Keeping Up with Change- Blogger's

In science, they call it survival-of-the-fittest. The animals that can outlast their competition, end up passing on strong DNA to their offspring. In the digital world, it’s called survival-of-the-one-who-can-keep-up-with-the-changes-fastest. I’ll work on the name later. This post is for bloggers who’ve been around the block a while. There is a very famous tweet quote… Do not […]

Using Categories and Tags on WordPress to Create a Great Reading Experience on Your Blog


Today’s post is going to be a complete explanation of how categories and tags work on WordPress, how they help your readers discover older posts, and how to use them in unique and interesting ways to add functionality to your site. What is a category on WordPress? A category is a way to organize your […]

Why Most People Misuse the Famous Rule “Content is King”

Most People

Content is king. This is one of the golden rules of blogging. Create compelling, practical, entertaining, and formatted blog posts that your readers will enjoy reading, so much so, they feel compelled to share it. Here’s the problem… People think about the word CONTENT and immediately think of the word BLOG POST. Your content is not […]

The Ultimate Guide to the #Hashtag


It’s time to pay attention to hashtags if you’ve been ignoring them as some quirky “twitter language”. Hashtags are now on every major social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, and Instagram). I’m going to break down the hashtag into normal everyday language in hopes that beginners will be able to see the value […]

How to Use Pinterest if You’re a Blogger


If you’re anything like me, your Pinterest boards are probably a scattered mess of recipes, ideas, crafts you’ll never do, blog posts you love, etc. etc. Today I want to talk about how an organized Pinterest account can make all the difference in your following and traffic! Pinterest is only as good as the way it’s arranged. […]

Cheats and Hacks: Trick Out Your Sidebar Widgets When You Don’t Know HTML Code


Sooner or later, you run into that wall with your blog’s design. You want to do something that you don’t know how to do, and learning HTML is not an option. I get it. I avoided learning any sort of code for the longest time, until one day– it stopped being so scary to me! […]

Go Mobile | How to Rock Your Online Presence for Smartphone Users


Bloggers…we like to work on our laptops and computers. As creators, it’s simpler. But we are giving our content to a world that likes to be mobile. Have you ever thought about your links, posts, blogs, and site from the perspective of a smartphone user? Common Problems Blog Sidebars Disappear On most mobile versions (whether you […]

Facebook Engagement Parties and Other Lessons for Bloggers Using FB Pages


It’s no fun adjusting to Facebook’s changes in its algorithm, especially if you are a small sized blogger just trying to get the word out about your content. As is the usual problem of our culture, big brands and companies have forced Facebook to recalculate how pages display in the newsfeed, as a way to […]